25 Points For Peaceful Life

  1. Never react on the spot.

  2. Judge the situations.

  3. Judge the person.

  4. Don’t feel bad for others

  5. Think positive

  6. Don’t feel insecure

  7. Trust yourself

  8. Believe on yourself

  9. Do hard work

  10. Learn new thing in New day

  11. Ignore the rubbish

  12. Spend time with creative person

  13. Give your precious smile to everyone

  14. Give good gesture to bad person one day their attitude will change.

  15. Learn from rich person live your life to see poor person

  16. Keep calm

  17. Love yourself

  18. Respect everyone

  19. Never say harsh words to anyone

  20. Ignore the bulshit things

  21. Enjoy your own company

  22. Never expect for another person

  23. Enjoy your life

  24. Never spoil another life

  25. Think and speak.